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While we don’t have any exclusive wholesale program, many times our prices are as low as wholesale, if not lower. For the best overall value, always take advantage of the following:

1Free or Discounted Shipping: . Make sure your order total is $40 or more, to take advantage of our free or deeply discounted shipping rates.
210% Loyalty Credit: Extra 10% credit if you place at least one order every 60 days.?
35-10% Quantity Discounts: . On many different brand name products, we offer extra 5-10% quantity discount when you order 2 units or more of the same product.
4On-sale Products: Check out our specials page for extra discounts on many popular products.
5Save Even More: Let others know about iHerb via our rewards program. Every month, more than 50,000 iHerb customers get either full or partial credit on their orders!